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VINOBLE treatments

With the exclusive products from our partner brand VINOBLE Cosmetics, we offer you special treatments which are sure to pamper and inspire. 


Experience modern vinotherapy, for instance, based on the tradition of the therapeutic use of the grapevine and its fruit dating back millennia.


Feel the intense effects of this massage on your body. Combined vinotherapeutic massage techniques boost the circulation, eliminate toxins and promote detoxifying processes within the body. These methods are complemented by active substances in the vine and cleansing talcum powder.

50 minutes // € 69.00


A choice selection of vinotherapeutic treatment methods. Accompany our vino-therapists on a trip through millennia of traditional treatments based on the active substances present in the vine. Intensively nutritious oil, cleansing talcum powder and fragrant flower essences are your companions during this treatment session. The systematic reflex zone massage relieves blockages in the connective tissue, the lymphatic flow is stimulated and the body is detoxed.

80 minutes // € 139.00

VINOBLE - Full-bodied

Vino(ble)therapy deluxe – the VINOBLE salt & grape seed oil peeling removes dead skin cells and effectively cleanses and smooths the skin. The subsequent massage with moisturising grape seed oil nourishes the skin intensively with valuable fatty acids. The result? A sense of physical harmony combined with velvety-soft skin!

70 minutes // € 93.00

VINOBLE - Balance Massage (Health & Spa Award Winner 2009)

Digital detox treatment – recharge your batteries with this unique relaxing massage and body treatment combo. Recuperation and relaxation guaranteed! A deeply relaxing "anti-stress treatment" involving warming or cooling essential oils and warm grape seed bags.

60 minutes // € 79.00


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